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          There are few cities in this world that count as many animals as Varanasi. The streets of this holy city, a popular destination for Hindu devotees and overseas tourists, are populated with countless cows, buffaloes, stray dogs, cats, working donkeys and monkeys.

          Despite the multitude of animals, who mostly co-exist with humans in relative harmony, this city of 1.2 million people hardly provides any animal welfare interventions. Animals facing sickness of injuries are mostly left to fend for themselves. Injured bulls hardly treatment, while injured dogs are often left to die by the side of the road. After a life of service, sick and injured working equines are simply abandoned.

          Varanasi for Animals (VFA) is a project run by us, with the support of HELP ANIMAL INDIA and group of animal lovers who want to make a difference in the lives of animals living on the streets of Varanasi. The project VFA aims to bring interested parties such as individual animal lovers, business houses, civil society, schools, media, and authorities together to bring a lasting change in the lives of Varanasi’s animals. 

VFA has developed a small Recovery Facility for animals. Initially we used a motor bike fitted with a cage to pick up dogs. With the support of many donors, we now have 2 Animal Ambulance at service. 

 We are carrying out Animal Birth Control Program in the city in association with Varanasi Municipal Corporation. We Look forward to get you involved, please Contact us  if you find a sick or injured dog!