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                  We have an facility in the holy city of Rishikesh. Our team caters to the rescue calls and attends them. Here the treatment is done on-site. In Rishikesh, we have been successful in rescuing around 200 dogs, cats, monkeys, horses and cows. Since the influx of tourist, both foreign and Indian, is remarkably high, their rescue calls are frequent. Nevertheless, local inhabitants also inform us about the injured animals and help in their rescue.

              Local feeding of the community animals is organized by us from time to time. Feeding on large scale in different areas has been done during the locked down. As the community animals who depend on the leftover food of dhabas, restaurants, food courts could not find food during this troubled time hence it was difficult for them to survive.

               We have also carried out Animal Birth Control programs for the community animals from time to time.