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We were accountable,
so we started this journey

   Capable are accountable for the helpless and incapable, This is true for animals as well as all aspects of human life. If capable do not commit to help incapable then helpless are bound to get wounded and suffer. We held ourselves accountable and asked peers and friends to understand this accountability and started this journey to raise funds and resources and expertise and volunteers to address animal food insecurities.

   Animal food insecurity is a fundamental issue that everyone is capable to relate. Countless strays are struggling for food and water and have their own ecosystem of problems which needs our attention. We need to start somewhere as a community together and identify with their problems and give them little enough attention so they do not suffer the wounds of our ignorance and lack of attention. We need to accept the responsibility so that incapable can depend on us.

   We chose to address hunger and food insecurity of animals as it is easier for people to identify with this issue and people can come together in order to address this issue. An attentive community can address all sorts of problems and enable all required operations and hence this is more about people coming together and giving attention to these homeless animals. Hunger is the bait we are using to organize such a community willing to identify and address problems of homeless animals.           

HOPE & ANIMAL TRUST is the legal person behind ANIMALPEERS

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Pravin Ohal is one humble but determined man who set on a journey in his twenties to make people aware of how important it is to conserve the environment of mother earth and its wildlife. He set on a journey to make people aware of their responsibility towards mother nature.

For 2 years, he travelled 11 countries for more than 10,000 kilometers on feet and stayed in whatever available avenue without any money or comforts of home. At all the locations that he visited, he delivered speeches in schools and other avenues creating awareness in people about preserving mother nature.

He concluded his journey at Ranchi, Jharkhand and became education officer at WWF. One year after his journey he established HOPE & ANIMAL TRUST with help of his friends at Ranchi and started extensive animal welfare work under the name of HOPE & ANIMAL TRUST.

HOPE & ANIMAL TRUST did a long journey as an NGO. It started animal welfare actions across India. HOPE & ANIMAL TRUST is a legal person behind ANIMALPEERS. ANIMALPEERS is involved in animal welfare actions at Varanasi, Patiala, Aurangabad, Ratnagiri along with its main center at Ranchi.


Helping Organisation for People, Environment (HOPE) & ANIMAL TRUST is a non-governmental organisation working in India. We are a small registered, tax exempted charitable (non profit) group working to improve the lives of Animals and People since year 2000.

 Who Are We ? 


          Helping Organization for People, Environment and Animal Trust (HOPE & ANIMAL TRUST) is doing the vital work of protecting and saving urban animals from cruelty and suffering. We approach our work with energy, hope and determination every day. We use all the levers of change available for helping animals like- direct care, education, sterilization, rescue, treatment, rehabilitation and release. Through our education programme we tried to disseminate information among the community and especially amongst children as a humane society could be made through them who are the future. Our efforts have continued in helping animals in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and Aurangabad in Maharashtra. In Ranchi we are continuing our efforts to keep and maintain zero human deaths due to Rabies. We have completed three years of achieving zero human deaths due to Rabies in Ranchi city. At Varanasi we have rescued, treated, rehabilitated and released thousands of animals including cats, dogs, cows, monkeys, pigs and donkeys. We have renovated new animal facility for the dogs in the holy city of Varanasi and in the historical city of Aurangabad. This year, we have initiated animal welfare activities at Patiala, Punjab.

  • Mrs. Anjali Srivastava, the Chairman and the Wife of Ex-Chairman Late Mr. Jawaharlal Srivastava, (former) IFS Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (PCCF) for Jharkhand. She has been actively involved with the day to day activities of the organisation.

  • Mr. Praveen Ohal, The inspiration and founder of HOPE & ANIMAL TRUST is an honorary Secretary. He has done Graduation in Geology and studied Environmental Science. At the age of 24 he was on a mission on FOOT for almost two years - 11 countries in South East Asia to spread the message of conservation of the natural resources and being compassionate towards all animals. He is the writer of the book, "Asia on Foot", a travelogue on his adventure and experiences. His skills involve fundraising and Management. He is with vast experience in working with various Non-profit groups in UK and USA.

  • Mrs. Sushama Singh, one of the founder members of the organisation is a Compassionate Animal lover and now an honorary Treasurer. She is good with children, she is an asset to this organisation for our PR related activities.

  • Advocate Mr. Abhay Kumar Mishra and Mr Narendra Arora are other members of the Organisation

  • We have Capt. Amit Basu, Mr Harcharan Singh and many others supporting our work

Our Mission


To reduce the stray dog population and eradicate rabies through vaccination, sterilization and adoptions


To help protect our forests and environment by promoting humane income-generating activities through the management and care of farm animals.


To provide professional veterinary care and emergency aid for the animals in need in the local communities


To set up a fully equipped joint old age home, orphanage and animal shelter together, to give love, affection and companionship to each other


To promote animal welfare and rights through periodic education programmes in schools and villages


To become self-sustainable in the long run to provide safe and better environment for the coexistence of people as well as animals

 Helping Animals 

We are working to improve the welfare of animals, eradicate rabies by controlling and vaccinating the street dogs and save people from dying of rabies.

 Helping People 

Promoting & Developing skills of the rural communities to earn more while farming their land, without quitting farming. Help income-generating activities to establish sustainable livelihood for rural communities for entire year.

Our Associations

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