Your contribution will help us-

  • With the every day feeding of thousands of stray animals

  • With cost of rescues

  • With treatments & medical bills

  • Place more reflective collars

  • Install more water pots to quench thirst of strays

  • With expenses of running shelter homes

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Every contribution makes difference.

Donate Now.

  • Rs. 300 will feed one for a month

  • Rs. 500 will cover cost of On-spot treatment

  • Rs. 1000 will cover the cost of a vaccination

  • Rs. 2000 will help get one stray spayed

  • Rs. 3000 will cover the cost of complex surgery.

  • Rs. 5000 will cover medical care of seriously injured / ill animal for a month.

  • Rs. 10000 will help us build one kennel for an animal