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ANIMALPEERS Aurangabad has built into people's movement with over thousands of members and hundreds of volunteers all are actively involved in animal welfare around the city. Our team here is feeding them every day, and working relentlessly to control the increasing population of street dogs and end their suffering by providing medical care.


We are feeding 2000 strays every day in Aurangabad

ANIMALPEERS is feeding 6000 strays every day in 6 cities

Stray animals wander miles over miles in search of water and end up drinking sewage water which invites many diseases for strays.

We Have installed 350 waterpots quenching the thirst of 10,000 strays every day.

ANIMALPEERS in Aurangabad have successfully covered 80 percent of city with the Water pots campaign in which more than 350 water pots covers 30 Square kilometers of city area. 

Following Google Maps image shows locations of Water Pots installed across Aurangabad city- 

Water Pots.png

Every year so many newborn puppies die because of various reasons. Many times, mothers of those puppies suffer from hunger in their pregnancy.


We have sterilized

5000 dogs/cats and counting.

Being homeless is the default for strays having no one to look after is the default. Ignorance of everyone is the default. We can change this situation.


More than

100 animals

at the shelter

Millions of them wander the roads, and it’s a danger for their lives, especially during the night times. Often at night car drivers run over these strays as they are hard to see during the night. Radium collars are useful in helping us see the dogs at night. The radium reflects off their collars when headlights and lights fall on them. This allows drivers to spot dogs and their lives can be saved.

Reflective collars campaign ANIMALPEERS

We have put

1000 Reflective Collars to stray animals

To make process of adoption easy, we started Adoption Portal on ANIMALPEERS website. This portal makes it east to list stray animals around you for adoption and also it makes easy for someone willing to adopt the stray.  

Adoption collage.jpg

30 Adoptions of stray animals every month through ANIMALPEERS Adoption Portal

Every day so many animals come under vehicles, many become sick of gastro, distemper, scabies and so many other diseases. And in most cases, they are ignored by us humans and left to die.

Rohit Medical.jpg

We have rescued and treated  more than 200 strays

and counting...

Rescue Stories


Severe Maggot Wound

This dog had severe maggot wound. The maggots were removed and medicines were sprayed for remaining maggots to die. The wound is healed now and dog is fine.


Bird Rescue

We got to know about a bird who has fallen on the ground and not able to fly. Our team went to the location and looked up on bird.


Custom wheelchair 

Amputation of leg was carried out owing to fatal injuries to this female puppy. But before amputation, we built a customized wheelchair assisting her to walk or even run at full throttle. She is fine now and enjoying her wheelchair ride.


Eye Ulcer

His eye was swollen and blurry. He was diagnosed with Eye Ulcer. We started giving him eye drops and necessary care as per vet's guidance. With regular medications and care, now his eye is healed completely.


Removal of Cancerous Tumor

This dog had cancerous tumor. It was successfully operated and tumor was removed. The dog is completely fine and healthy now


Maggots inside Testicles

This dog had maggots inside his ears and testicles. The infected parts were first cleaned, maggots were removed and then again a disinfectant spray and wound healing powder was applied to those parts.


Scabies Treatment

This poor guy who had severe scabies. We immediately rescued him and started regular medications as well as nutritious food as per vet's guidance. He started responding to the treatment, his skin and fur is completely healed now.


Accidental Injuries

Whole body was smashed by unknown vehicle. We put several stitches this dog's whole body.  He is completely healed and fine now. 


Leg Injury to Calf

The hoof of this calf was severely injured. We decided to get on the spot treatment for the calf. After the treatment the calf felt relieved and everyone around fed her rotis.


Chemotherapy Treatment

This female dog was diagnosed with cancer. She was treated with chemotherapy sessions. 


Fractured Limb

This puppy had fractured limb. The vet treated the injured limb with plaster and advised us to administer the recovery and medication. With regular medicine, nutritious food, and proper care, 'Sugar' now is healthy and growing well.


Cable Tie on Wrist

Somebody had cruelly tied a cable tie on his wrist to abuse him. It was tied very tightly and the dog was in immense pain. We tried to take it out, but out of trauma and pain, he panicked and ran away. With much struggle we managed to remove the cable tie from this poor dog's wrist.