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Feeding Aurangabad

We feed 

6,000+ strays

every day

Stray animals become victims of road accident and fall ill in various diseases. To be recovered and be healthy again they entirely depends on us humans.

Rescue and Treatment

We have rescued and treated  more than 50,000 strays

and counting

Thousands of female dog who suffer acute hunger in their pregnancies and the puppies that are born lives the same fate most of them dies. Sterilization of stray is as important aspect of animal-welfare.


We have sterilized

1,50,000 dogs/cats and counting

Adoption Dog photo

Adopt A Stray

Adopt one of these puppies/kittens. Find your companions.



We are in great need of donations. Let us help animals survive challenging times.


Report a Case

If you see any stray animal in need of immediate medical attention and care, let us know.




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  • 2 Shelters

  • 600+ strays are Sterilized every month 

  • 300+ strays are rescued and treated for ailments every month

  • 100+ Volunteers

  • 1000+ strays are fed every day

  • Animal Boarding Facility

In Ranchi, we have permanent vaccination and sterilization team consisting of 2 dedicated vets, 2 para vets and 4 dog catchers who are embarked on intensive dog population control and vaccination program. Our purpose-built mobile veterinary hospital truck hosts monthly surgical training courses along with neutering and vaccine campaigns. Our team in the city of Ranchi have neutered and vaccinated more than 90,000 dogs in the city and protecting the population and dogs alike to contract this vicious rabies disease. 

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  • 3 Shelter Homes

  • 4000+ strays are sterilized in last year

  • 100 Volunteers

  • 200+ strays are rescued and treated for ailment every month

  • 2000+ strays are fed every day.


In Aurangabad, we are feeding 2000+ stray animals every day. We have rescued over 300 animals in the shelter. Thousands of animals have been treated for medical emergencies including wounds, fractures and cancerous tumours. ANIMALPEERS received warm response from citizens of Aurangabad city for adopting stray dogs and cats.

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  • 1 Shelter Home

  • 400+ strays are rescued and treated for ailment every month

  • 100 Volunteers

  • 1000+ strays are fed every day


In Patiala, we mainly aim at rescue of the injured community animals- cats, dogs, horses, monkeys, cows etc. We have been successful in giving treatment to over 1000 community animals. The fully equipped OT is established so that the surgery could be done with ease. The injured animals which are rescued are also sterilized before release or adoption. We have organize several workshops, seminars, camps, to empower the community members, especially children.

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  • 1 Shelter Home

  • 500+ strays are sterilized every month

  • 200+ strays are rescued and treated for ailment every month

  • 50+ volunteers

  • 800 strays are fed every day


In Varanasi, we developed an animal recovery facility with a team of 1 vet and 2 para vet that work extensively for rescue and medical treatment of animals in need. Initially we used a motor bike fitted with a cage to pick up dogs. With the support of Help Animals India, we now have two Animal Ambulance at service. We are conducting an Animal Birth Control Program in association with Varanasi Municipal Corporation. 

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  • 50+ strays are rescued and treated for ailment every month

  • 50+ volunteers

  • 800 strays are fed every day


In Rishikesh, our team caters to the rescue calls and attends them. The treatment is done on-site. In this facility, we have rescued around 400 dogs, cats, monkeys, horses and cows. Since the influx of tourists is remarkably high, their rescue calls are frequent. 

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  • 10 volunteers

  • 50+ strays are rescued and treated for ailment every month


Ratnagiri is a town in the coastal area of Maharashtra.Our team in Ratnagiri feeds stray animals every day. We are also rescuing and treating 50+ stray animals for ailment every month.


Let us come together 
and be a part of this journey of
Animal Well-being